Teardrop Golden Grass Earrings

This is a classic teardrop shape earrings that are versatile enough to go with a casual look or a more sophisticated outfit.

Earrings measure approximately 2" total length and due to its natural material are super lightweight.

These earrings are made of Golden Grass using the weave technique where the golden grass is woven together with a golden thread, this is an ancient technique that has been passed through generation by women that live in a remote region in Brazil.

* *Golden grass is a fiber-like plant that grows in a remote region in Brazil, Jalapao, it is lightweight, durable, flexible and naturally golden ! Golden grass can only be harvested once a year, which makes it even more unique.

** Golden Grass is also the income of skilled artisans from the region. My partnership with the artisans is based on fair trade principles.