Braided Golden Grass Cuff Bracelet

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Wide Golden Cuff Bracelet, Handmade using threads of Golden Grass and wire wrapped technique in a beautiful braided work.
Super Elegant! and Eco Friendly!

The technique known "varinha" or "wand" ( rod ), uses a metal wire that is wrapped with strands of Golden Grass.
This cuff bracelet is stretchable and is adjustable. Just gently scrunch or pull and will slightly change the length. You can wear it with any outfit throughout the day and is suitable for any season.

* *Golden grass is a fiber-like plant that grows in a remote region in Brazil, Jalapao, it is lightweight, durable, flexible and naturally golden ! Golden grass can only be harvested once a year, which makes it even more unique.
** Golden Grass is also the income of skilled artisans from the region. My partnership with the artisans is based on fair trade principles.

Golden Grass, Golden Thread, Nickel free chain