Amethyst and Lava Rock Bracelet

This casual bracelet is made with 8mm black lava stone beads, 8mm real amethyst beads, antique gold pewter beads.
This bracelet measures approximately 8" ( 20.32 cm ), to get the best fit possible, please leave your exact wrist measurement in customization section, I will make one for you with your exact measure.

IMPORTANT: If you do not leave a note or send me a message through conversation with your wrist measure I assume the bracelet is to be 8".

Lava is known as “The Power of The Fire Within” ,Strength and Courage. It allows one the opportunity for stability throughout changes in their life.

Lava rocks are very porous and absorb and diffuse essential oils. Add a drop of essential oil onto the lava rock, allow it to soak in, then wear and enjoy the fragrance. You can use more than one essential oil on you lava stone, just wait a day or so between applications so that the scent of the previously applied oil has faded.