Sustainable Rustic Silk with Gold Filled Real Leaf

This necklace is so special! 

Made of sustainable Rustic silk with a pendant of Jasper and 18K gold filled real leaf.

The processes involved to make the components of this necklace are complex and the result is amazing.

This Elegant Pendant will make an Eye Catching Accessory for Any Outfit.

Rustic Silk is made from the cocoon of the silkworm, after it has already been abandoned in the process of transforming the insect.

No worm or moth is harmed or exploited in the process because the cocoons used in the production process are already empty. The rustic silk is harvested more naturally, rather than cultivated. The silk produced has a more rustic texture but is made respecting the process of the silkworm.

Our Leaves are picked in nature, then they are dried. Next they are electroplated in nickel, then copper and finished with 18k Gold.