Dangle Bead Golden Grass Earrings

Dangle Golden Grass bead earrings is a simple yet elegant style that can not go wrong. Dangle earrings are easy to match and go perfectly with casual jeans or a black dress.

The spheres ( or beads ) of golden grass is made using a technique of twisting strands of the fiber and weaving all together with a golden thread.

Earrings are approx. 1 1/4 - 1 1/2" (~ 3.5 cm) total length.

* *Golden grass is a fiber-like plant that grows in a remote region in Brazil, Jalapao, it is lightweight, durable, flexible and naturally golden ! Golden grass can only be harvested once a year, which makes it even more unique.
Golden Grass is also the income of skilled artisans from the region. My partnership with the artisans is based on fair trade principles